Denis Pouff

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Denis puff, where red fabric and decorative wood come together with aesthetic lines, is a very stylish and comfortable product that can be found at every corner of your living space. Having the signature of Metin Nergiz, Denis PUF brings a modern and aesthetic solution to the need for the individual comfort that everyone feels from time to time. The product, which can be used both at home and on the office, will complement the pleasures of spacious rooms with minimal design, especially those with red and wood tones. The denis puffer skirt, which is presented to you in the size of 72x50x42, is covered with walnut on the contra. The beech lathe and painted metal were used on the feet of the product, and the red cloth was used on the surface.

Ölçü72 x 50 x 48
MalzemeKontra üzeri Ceviz kaplama gövde, kayın torna ayak, krom kaplamalı metal ayak, Kırmızı kumaş döşeme
TasarımcıMetin Nergiz