Bough Lamp

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-₺ 260,00

₺ 1.200,00 tax incl.


Bough table lamp which Bearing the Ronteam,with the simple, original and stylish design, while it illuminates the table on the other hand it will be highlighted in a trendy part of the decor of your room. Bough table lamp which attract attention with a sleek body design and simple title reminiscent of delicate tree branches. Also if you are looking solution for office or work room needs which are quality, functional and aesthetic, you can choose Bough table lamp. Bough table lamp dimensions are 35,5x21x64 cm and Bough table lamp housing antique brass coating, the title is produced by coating the fabric on PVC. Compact, lightweight and easy to hear the type of product that provides ease of use with portable occur is E27.

MalzemeAntik (eskitme) pirinç kaplama Şapka PVC üzeri kumaş kaplama Duy tipi: E27

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