Ney Wine Holder

₺ 165,00 tax incl.

-₺ 10,00

₺ 175,00 tax incl.


Ney wooden wine holder, which is distinguished by the creative and functional design of Can Nergiz from its counterpars makes wine storage as pleasant and aesthetical as ever. Ney wine holder with its inspirational design made of quality natural beech wood, you can also add a fine detail to the storage of your wines while at the same time the elegance of your rooms. Reminiscent of an instrument with the same name as its appearance, Ney Wine Holder is a useful and stylish solution for delighted collectors who are as addicted to aesthetics as they are to their living spaces. Ney with twelve wine bottle carrying capacity offered to you in 5 × 5 × 76 dimensions and is produced using massive natural beech which is very suitable for wine, good quality and decorative use.

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