Turkish Coffee Tray

₺ 95,00 tax incl.

-₺ 25,00

₺ 120,00 tax incl.


With its classical design, which brings the ease of use to the forefront but attracts with its elegant natural looking decorative oak timber, Turkish Coffee coffee tray will carry your coffee taste to another dimension. With a simple design with a Ronteam signature and a stylish appearance, Turkish Coffee is a product designed for those who love even the most ordinarypieces in the design of their house and exceeds the standards in all details. Turkish Coffee, which provides ease of use with its four-sided transportation facilities, will make coffee service more practical and stylish than ever. The product is presented to you in 30 × 30 × 4 dimesions and it is made of natural oak and Sapelli wood which is suitable for long-term use.

MalzemeMasif .Sapelli ağacından üretilmiştir.

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