Descope Wardrobe

₺ 3.580,00 tax incl.


Descope wooden cupboard is a stylish product designed to be one of the most attractive parts of your home, designed not only for functionality but also for those who are looking for a unique and aesthetic appearance. Descope wooden cupboard which is one of the irresistable need of every house is solved with the creative design of Can Nergiz as an unmissable part of modern living and dining room designs with a simple look oak wood surface and contrasting geometric details on the door making it ideal for those who care about the aesthetic and functionality at the same level. In the construction of Descope waredrobe provided in dimensions 92 × 40 × 184.5 high quality decorative oak coating body is used on MDF and details of glass covers are black painted MDF.

MalzemeMDF üzeri Meşe kaplamalı gövde, cam kapak, cam kapak üzeri Siyah boyalı MDF
TasarımcıCan Nergiz

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