42M Console

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The elegant and modern design of Can Nergiz features a 42M drawer console with decorative green wood, a part that will be used for a long time in dining, living or TV rooms and contribute to its living spaces with its functionality as well as its plain and aesthetic appearance. Designed for homes that require more than just a handy and long-lasting furnish, the 42M wooden console will be a simple but remarkable part of the design of modern airy rooms. In the 42M console body of 139 × 40 × 73, decorative oak veneer and green American polish on MDF were used. Kulp accessories are made of brass paint and American polish, and metal rack hangers are brass paint. The lower base and massive beech feet are painted with green gofrato.

MalzemeMDF üzeri Meşe kaplamalı Yeşil Amerikan cila gövde. Pirinç boyalı Amerikan cila kulp aksesuar. Pirinç boyalı metal raf askısı. Yeşil Gofrata boyalı alt taban, Yeşil gofrato boyalı Kayın masif ayak.
TasarımcıCan Nergiz

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