Stork Desk

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Metin Nergiz's inspiring and functional design, quality materials and a unique style that combines with black Stork black desk; appeals to those who ascribe much more than a standard table for their office or work rooms.
Stork desk design , not only working table with offers space and containing divisions but also product that you can use in many ways. Black color which giving a smooth and sleek look, small but striking red detail is in perfect harmony with Stork desk, it will be one of the most shapest part of your home. Stork desk dimensions are 90x71x104 cm and it is produced from black painted wood and black painted metal legs.

Ölçü90 x 71 x 104
MalzemeSiyah boyalı ahşap gövde, Siyah boyalı metal ayak, kırmızı boyalı vidalar.
TasarımcıMetin Nergiz