Stork Nightstand

₺ 290,00 tax incl.


The Stork wooden nightstand, where the modern and functional design of Metin Nergiz combines with the never-before-seen stylishness of green fashion, will be one of the most striking parts of your bedroom decor. With its exquisite design, it is an unusual alternative to the usual komodin the Stork nightstand, which stands out in the foreground, is boldly and remarkably separated from the traditional designs with green screwdrivers, which are green in design. Stork wooden nightstand, produced from green painted wood with high-quality gold painted wood, with a simple and aesthetic look, which comes in 50x50x50 dimensions; as it will not take up much space, it also provides ease of handling and use with its design and lightweight construction. 

MalzemeYeşil Lake boyalı ahşap gövde, Altın yaldız boyalı metal ayak
TasarımcıMetin Nergiz

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