Box 3 Bookshelf

₺ 1.170,00 tax incl.


The minimalist design of the decorative wood combines with the Box 3 wooden bookshelf, bringing a highly convenient, stylish solution to the needs of your office and house. With the simple and functional design of Ronteam, you can use the Box 3 bookshelf, which appeals to both functional and aesthetic seekers in every room, can be used either vertically or horizontally according to your preference in your room or on the wall, or you can create a larger bbokshelf by adding them side by side. Box 3 bookshelf is a piece that will complement the elegance of the rooms, which are decorated in minimal style, especially with wooden tones. Box 3 wooden bookshelf is presented to you in 47 × 35 × 129 dimensions; it is produced using highly available oak coated MDF suitable for quality, long lasting and decorative use.

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