Covus Daybed

₺ 3.000,00 tax incl.


Covus Daybed pasifica fabric TV seat, which combines the two favorite decorative parts with oak and fabric in a very elegant design, will make watching TV more comfortable and enjoyable than ever, and it will be one of the indispensable parts of home decoration. Designed with soft lines, with the signature of Metin Nergiz, the Covus Daybed pasifica fabric TV seat, which will shine in houses decorated in a minimalist style, will be the most important part of modern TV room, living room or young rooms. The Covus Daybed TV chair, which is provided in dimensions of 165 × 80 × 60, was made of pasifica fabric. Wood front and back surface are produced using quality oak coating.

MalzemeKontra üzeri Meşe kaplamalı gövde, Pasifca kumaş döşeme
TasarımcıMetin Nergiz

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