Covus Armchair Double

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-₺ 540,00

₺ 5.940,00 tax incl.


The cream leather and walnut coated wood combined with the inspirational design of Metin Nergiz in Covus armchair, offers a quality and aesthetic solution to one of the basic needs of every living room. The Covus double armchair, which is both modest and remarkable with its modern design in soft lines, comes to the forefront with its walnut finish, which surrounds the space and at the same time with its extraordinary foot design. The product, which is recognized with its unique harmony of cream and wood, will be an indispensable part of the minimal rooms, especially where the wood tones are heavy. The Covus double armchair, which is provided in 163 × 80,5 × 55 dimesions is covered with genuine leather upholstery. On the wooden surfaces of the product, walnut coating is used on the contra.

MalzemeKontra üzeri Ceviz kaplama gövde, hakiki Krem deri döşeme
TasarımcıMetin Nergiz