Covus Armchair Single

₺ 3.500,00 tax incl.


The Covus single armchair which is presented to you with the original and prestigious design of Metin Nergiz is a piece for those appeal to both the maximum comfort and quality wood and is elegant and attractive in all rooms. Covus wooden armchair, which offers a unique and aesthetic solution to every one of the most basic needs of every room, is an ideal piece for rooms with a modern design, in which cream leather and wooden tones are especially dominant with black. The product, which stands out with its wooden surface, is also extremely comfortable and available for a long time. The Covus single armchair, which is presented to you in 80 × 55 × 12 dimensions, is manufactured using walnut coated body and cream leather upholstery over the contra.

MalzemeKontra üzeri Ceviz kaplama gövde, hakiki Krem deri döşeme
TasarımcıMetin Nergiz