Rondic Sofa

₺ 2.700,00 tax incl.

-₺ 270,00

₺ 2.970,00 tax incl.

Rondic single seat with original design with modern lines; it can be used in almost every room of the house and it can be preferred for elegant office environments as well as aesthetic appearance as well as the comfort offered by it gives you a special place to make you feel special. Designed by Ronteam, winged chair is attractive with minimal flicker that perfectly matches modern interiors, while offering durable materials for many years of use. Rondic winged chair is provided in 66x66x73 dimensions with beech massive wood and water green or gray colored upholstery options.

ÖlçüG:66× D:66× Y:73
MalzemeKayın masif ahşap kolçak, kumaş döşeme