Happy Nights Candle Holder

₺ 35,00 tax incl.


Happy nights wooden decorative candlestick that attracts notice  with minimal lines, designed by Ronteam for people who give an importance of aesthetics in mind that at least usefulness in case using in living rooms and dining rooms. Happy nights wooden decorative candlestick appeals to those who want to emphasize even the smallest details on the selection and use candle holders tealight candle at home which they have to go beyond the standard style. It will be compatible with especially modern, has a simple design dining andliving rooms.
Dimensions of happy night decorative candlestick 8,5x8x4 cm and it offers dyadically.Also it is well-known with its naturality,durableness and quality and it is produced from durable solid beech wood for prefering decorative use.

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